Europe at the time of Coronavirus

I’m back in Europe after over 3 months around Asia and just decided to start writing again after such a long time. Why? Apart from the usual being able to focus more on the thoughts, well – It might also be one of the activities worth recovering, should the Coronavirus situation worsen.

But what was my experience on this, so far? I was lucky enough to change my original flight, destination MILAN, to go back to Krakow instead. A choice which proved to be very timely as, since yesterday, March 11th, 2020, the whole of Italy is in lockdown.

Not only – but our passport, after several months in which our Country politics was reaching new lows on hospitality, is now receiving the same treatment: traveling and moving is going to be harder and harder. There might be a very subtle irony in all this, considering that – for once – Italy was REALLY responding timely to the issue, testing a way higher number of people compared to any other country nearby to prevent an epidemy. Communication, however, was very badly handled, creating the confusion we are all experiencing today.

And while in Kuala Lumpur I got kept at the border for over half an hour, with my body temperature measured and questioned about my latest travels to be granted or denied access, landing in Krakow four days ago was alarmingly easy: not a single question asked, or temperature taken.

This light approach probably changed yesterday, after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 as a pandemic. Since then, the Polish government decided to go ahead closing schools, museums, and cinemas, in an attempt to significantly slower the spreading of the virus. After this – people started freaking out in a way we already saw in Italy, raiding supermarkets to store food and limit the visit to the outside world.

We’ll see how the situation is going to evolve in the next days, and if we’ll be able to turn the situation on a new opportunity, as the virus forced companies to adopt work from home policy even in countries not normally considering it, allowing a huge drop in pollution and, somehow, even allowing a smile thanks to the marketing initiative of erotic portals like xHamster, offering free premium membership to people quarantined.

We indeed live in interesting times!