Toc toc..

Nearly one year since the last post, and I’m back. No, it was not that the last year was so boring that I couldn’t find anything happening around me, quite the opposite: a lot happening, and my attention went elsewhere.

After a major break up, after which I’ve been sort of unavailable for all time along, I’ve been concentrating even more on the traveling: twice in Jordan, between Amman, Petra and Wadi Rum. Tel Aviv, which unfortunately didn’t quite catch me as much. Then Kiev for a couple of weeks, and again Budapest and Athens.

Now, first time since a while, it seems I’m ending up with everything planned for the next months. Leaving to Kiev once again in about one week, but this time with the plan to stay one entire month on my own (sort of being back to this traveling style after a while), then Bangkok (Asia, finally!), then back to Turku as now every year.

In all this, after long consideration (sort of), I decided to mess a bit more with my life and got a double job. Plus side: finally, saving up some consistent money and having my own lifestyle. Down-side: well, when things go south, 17 working hours per day – a long, long, day. Not planning to do that forever, but hey – giving it a shot for now. Also, both jobs are home-based, which makes still up for a lot of possibilities.

So what’s next? Honestly, right now is pretty much all about wander again. Put myself once again on a challenge, and fight the comfort and the boredom (once they got you, they’re pretty much hard to fight). Keep the curiousity up is the only way that works, I guess.