Five days of Netherlands

Five days, four cities (Breda-Rotterdam-Amsterdam-Utrecht), blessed mostly by the sun and decent weather. Which we discovered, is not that common in this area. My Netherlands experience was super fast, as most of my trips, but fascinating.

The highlights of the trip:

Architecture: Even thou we went to four very different from each other, the architecture was each time very unusual, in a pleasantly way.

Rotterdam – Day 1
Rotterdam – after the storm
Utrecht – Dom Tower

River and canals: Time after time, I realize that I love to be in a city crossed by a river if a sea is not available. From Turin to Turku, London or Krakow, my top picks are always in direct water contact. Of course, Netherlands canals are one of the most famous spots, and it is well-deserved fame.

Canal in Utrecht
Canal in Amsterdam – grand angle phone lens.

Statues: No, you are SO wrong. Or maybe not. This is NOT a dwarf with an enormous sex toy (as it looks like), but a very alternative version of Santa Claus.

Santa’s little helper. DUH.

Coffee: Maybe it was luck, but all the coffee we had in those five days were just perfect. And yea, we are all somehow of a better person after a good coffee in the morning.

Having a beer in a church: May I add, under the approving eyes of Jesus, Maria, and a couple more of saints. Well, this was quite a surprising settings, but here we go: Biercafé Olivier in Utrecht allows you to do that. Amen!


Biercafe Oliver, Utrecht


So was it ever just perfect? Well, let’s elaborate on that.

Cost of living: When you are habit to live in Poland with zloty, everything else looks more expensive. This said, for our short experience, the highest price different was when having dinner outside. Alcohol prices were kind of ok, but the food was both very good and very expensive.

Find a flat: From expat friends experience, finding a flat in the Netherlands is HIGHLY challenging. Prices are up, and not so many flats are free when you need a change. So, finding a budget-friendly solution might take up even a month or more.

Mountains: …or the lack of it. Of course, it is not something mandatory (I am now in Krakow, which regarding of mountains presence around can relate). But Torino and Sofia spoiler me under this side, so if I have to think about a perfect city to live in, it still might need to have some relevant high peek around. Fewer chances to get lost!

In conclusion: The Netherlands was quite a surprise. I am sure I will have more chances to visit this country again and for longer in the future, but for the time being, the trip was great and able to keep me curious for more. See you soon, Country of the Flowers!