Winter Sleep.

Well..That was quite a lot of time.

Pretty much since I came back to Krakow, so around half a year. Not really sure what happened, but the general sensation is … frozen. Not only in the weather, even thou we reach an “amazing” -23, but mostly on everything else.

For a while, I had no much of a mood to write something. I missed writing about a trip to Budapest – even if it was a place which gave me nice sensations regarding the question: “Would I live here..?”.  And when I tried to write, it felt just too late.

Guess it is time to get back on track. Late-2018-proposal.

The next months are going to be quite busy, and this should offer a lot of ideas/topics:

– A journey to the Netherlands in the following week;

– Turku, once again, on Vappu;

– Andrea’s marriage (and stag);

Plus, I was trying to push my way to get the whole working shift in the night, and that would be a solution for a lot of topics about traveling. Like in REAL traveling, for a good 2-3 months and in another continent.

These months since September passed in no time. And it’s finally time to recover and restart.