Back to Krakow – 2017. Scattered Thoughts.

Back where everything has started. Krakow, the city of the dragon, the first place I went when I moved from Italy.

It’s not going back to square one: it’s a new job, which temporarily will keep me full time in the city, but that might be even better in terms of traveling situation as it’s from home + with a lot of free days. Hence, the first plan – finish visiting the closest country I’ve never been to.

Starting Monday I’ll have the possibility to explore this new job and its opportunities. Actually, to see if I’m a good fit too, as it’s a different position for the first time in a long while. There’s always a bit of “what the heck have I done” when you’re going to take a big step like this one, but it will pass.

And here I am, nearly 3 exact years after my first arrival (which was Nov, 15 2013…), trying to get used again to this city which once was home.

Crazy, messy Krakow. Can’t wait.

Since tonight I’ll be living for one month in a hostel. That’s also somehow of a remembrance, as it was the same I experienced when I moved to Rome on my unfortunate journalism internship. That was also the period of the craziest party at The Yellow, meeting lot of people from all around the world – and being still in contact with some of them. And meanwhile, Ta-dannn! 33 years old. Guess it’s why my Facebook wall is kinda exploding from the huge amount of people marrying or giving birth to children, even thou I suppose my parents give up already to this option for me (at least for a while).

Also, somehow it’s time to get a bit more focused on some savings again. The last months were actually quite hardcore, for some reason (mostly, flights, extra unplanned expenses, etc). Time to get a balance again, and to start putting something apart each month.

So, this was all for now. Let’s see what will happen next!

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