A six point update.

Two months (and a bit), three flights, two new eyes later.

This is an immediate summary of my life in the last 2 months or so, since the last update in May.

At the end of May, I finally moved to Italy for the eyes surgery I was expecting for, to remove any lenses dependence. Went pretty well, as I passed from “nearly-blind” to “nearly normally sighted” in little less than two weeks, but as it was needed to check the post surgery evolution, I stayed there until the half of July.


    1. Turin is still amazing.  That’s quite not going to change, even thou the current mayor and co… whatever.


    1. I’m unable to live with my parents. I really am. I know I do sound like the most ungrateful person in history, probably, and I do mean no disrespect or anything at all, but I’m just a better person – toward them and the rest of the world, in general, when I’m on my own.
      Living there was necessary, and they did all they could imagine to make it better for me, but I’m not as good as a family person in this kind of situation. I need my own place and small doses.


    1. Other flips of the coin. I have places issues. Like, I really don’t like being without a “due date” for a place (aka, having a ticket on my hands to another direction). Not good, either, as point 2. Each time I went to a control check for my eyes, I was like “C’mon, tell me I can fly away again, c’mon!”. Stability – not my thing either.


    1. I’ve been briefly back in Sofia, preparing to the next adventure in Malta – the place from where I’m writing now. One of the discoveries of this last two weeks was Varna, where we went with Desi on a weekend while she was packing her stuff for her big change of life. Apparently, the sea starts having his charm on me. Not the hot weather, tho.


    1. Malta. Here we go. I was probably not completely ready for that, and it’s still a place that.. uhm. Does not convince me 100%. My best friend words: “You’re going crazy there. I give you 10 days”.
      Well, yes, I’m slightly going crazy. Not too used to live outside of the center, and especially, to live with the owner of the flat. Also, the fact that most of the shops/places are closed after 19 and/or during the weekend. A bit too limiting. But prices in here are hellacrazy, so well, that’s a solution for the beginning. Very hard to figure out yet where to go, and where to find new people as my normal m.o. (Facebook groups, Internations, whateverworks) is kind of not working very well – not many ongoing events. But we haven’t yet been in St Julian, which should be one of the most active quarters in the island (about 45 min from home).On the other side, hey! That’s where they shoot first seasons of GoT! And temperature is affecting me, but I’m closer to a part of the world which – again – I haven’t visited so far, which makes it interesting

      The first two picture are from La Valletta, the capital (Dorne anyone?), while the one below is from Siema.


  1. What’s next? Good joke. No idea at all, as lately it seems that everything is messed up even more than the usual. I have pending job offers in a couple of different places so that I don’t know yet whether I’ll be able to move as easily as now. On the other hand, I might have to go back in Poland for a bit, as my resident status kinda expired.What else to say? Until the next update! 🙂