Athens, Berlin, Bruxelles, Plovdiv: four cities in 30 days.

Let’s cut it to the chase: this was my last month.

It was a crazy month, in which I was in a different town/country at least once each two weekends.

Athens, Berlin, Bruxelles, Plovdiv: ironically, Sofia is still the one I’m not visited extensively – but I’m planning to solve this in the next two weeks.

NOTE: This won’t be a LOOOONG, or EXCITING, or DETAILED story of all the trips – that’s too demanding and I’m lazy, you should know by now. Those are views, glimpse, most of the time not even the most representative or important. But views which caught my attention. 🙂

Berlin already had a dedicated post, so it’s time for the rest.

Plovdiv was a nice confirmation, six years later. The future European Capital of Culture (2019) is a city in which the past and the future are iperconnected, sometimes with unusual results (like having a view on the old roman stadium from the local H&M… ), but mostly charming. We’ve been there with my flatmate, Quentin, discovering some of the histories of the city through a great Free Walking Tour, which is very suggested to attend.

Meet Miljo, the craziest guy in town

Athens was something incredible. The first day was raining pretty much nonstop, so my guide Katerina (#bestcompanyever, right? :p) was keeping me away from the temptation of walking to the Acropolis. Not that I’m complaining about the settings of the new city:

Syntagma Square… yeyyyy!

But well, what can you say when you find yourself in front of THIS!

The Acropolis!

And when you are about to go and think that you cannot be more surprise, that’s when you reach the top of Mount Lycabettus and see this:

Not even the time to take a weekend of breath, and there we go with Bruxelles.

Capital of the European Union, as remarked several times by our enthusiastic guide at the Free Walking Tour and melting pot of people from everywhere.

The weather had pretty much nothing to envy to London, as it kept being rainingsunnywindynowaitstillabitmoreofrainwellnotanymore.
But apparently, it’s something I should get habit to. Not only: as per Athens, Bruxelles was one of the perfect place to test one of the most lovely functionality of my phone’s camera: REMOVE MOVING OBJECTS/PEOPLE! (Yes, I’m a bad person).

Ta-dannn! No cars! 😀

This was pretty much all of my travels for this first part. Looking forward to the next month!

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