2017: the plan started.

Sofia, I’m back!

As per the plan, I arrived yesterday in town. My flat is in a perfect position, a couple of streets from the Vitosha boulevard, and I’m already set with a Bulgarian sim card.

Just: my phone decided to NOT update to the local time. Hence, this morning, first day back to work… I was half an hour late.

Apart from this, I ended up in an Erasmus flat. Which means… Not going to be acting my age any sooner. Sorry to disappoint you people. 🙂

One of my flatmate, a French guy called Quentin, is already planning a lot of travels around, so possibly I’m going to have some support in the organizational part. We already are discussing visiting Istanbul and Bucarest, while this weekend it’ll be the time for Berlin. Crazy days!

Not much to say yet at this point, as the first 30-something hours have been mostly spent on this chores. Soon proceeding with a new update!