Habemus PLAN!

And let me say, it’s a GREAT ONE!

Not the one of the last post, but this time it was not my fault. But here we go!

First of all: No, I’m not going to have eyes surgery – again. To accomplish this I was taking about 20 days of holidays, preparing myself at the whole pirate-life-with-one-eye-only while the other recover from the surgery etc, and I got the confirmation from the studio that it should be more than enough. Unfortunately, from the same studio, they “forgot to mention” the fact that the new crystals need to be shipped from the US, which means 15-20 extra days of waiting. Long story short – we’ll be moving this, once again.

And yet – my parents’ place in Torino has NO connection whatsoever, being as it is in the middle of the nowhere. Which means, no possibility to work without an office or some pleasing friends that adopt me temporarily. To avoid all this: NEXT CITY!

I have got a ticket for Sofia with Feb, 12th print over it – and the Airbnb already booked, as well. Why Sofia, again?

  • Friends: I’m not going to be completely alone, which always helps.
  • Location: There are a lot of places nearby I would like to visit (e.g., Turkey, Greece, Romania). Hence, being closer will means I’m definitely going – and posting more.
  • The first stop of Nesiato people will be there – meaning I might have a first contact with the team, before my traveling time.
  • Prices/Services: Good internet connection + affordable prices. What else is needed?

My Sofia experience will go on until Apr. 30, for sure, and then should be the time for Finland again. Whole may probably, possibly some extension to June. After this, once again, I’ll try to have my surgery done, after which it would be Asia, finally! The options at the moment are Indonesia, Philippines or Vietnam, even thou the second has a huge connectivity issue, which might bring me somewhere else.

Then, 31 July I’m going to start the travel with the before mentioned Nesiato, for 8 months through Asia and South America. CAN’T. WAIT. Travel bug, you can be happy!




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