Christmas considerations

This Christmas I was mostly alone.

Could be challenging, unbelievable for others, but I suppose I needed this kind of alone time, to rearrange a bit the ideas.

2017, be ready: High expectations are on you. I leave Poland – this time for good – in one month. I should have the eyes’ chirurgy in February. And March it will be the time for my new place in the world, for a short time – probably.

Maybe Sofia, maybe Athens, passing from Budapest, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius, or Barcelona. Between those, there’s my next-new-address. The other “fixed” plan – hopefully, as I still need confirmation from the travel company – will be an 8 months trip to Asia and Sudamerica. A dream coming true.

In between this – a big question mark.

May – I’d really like to get at least one month in Finland, again in Turku. And see if we will manage to meet again with a group of those people which made Turku amazing for me 10 years ago.

June or July would be nice to be heading to Asia already, as Chiang Mai in August is the place in which “The trip” will start in August. And end up somewhere in Medellin, in March, after which or I’d be rather tired and in need of some weeks at home, or I’ll go all the way up to the North, to Mexico.

And also, I need to catch up badly with the singing again, as I’m not following well since when I’m back in Poland. Time to roll the sleeves up!

The mood of the day: