Like bouncing marbles.

“It’s like marbles crashing: how many things would have been different if a detail was different?”
“Exactly!!! It’s my point! It’s like, it does not change anything! If I were never traveling, we were maybe going to meet here or somewhere else!”


That’s the end of an unexpected Wednesday-night international language exchange meeting, which I was about to not attend (talking about marbles crashing!) as per my known moodiness. Put in a pub a good group of travelers, that have experiences and good stories. Add some alcohol – not too much, to be fair. This was the perfect recipe.

I’m not too familiar with the exact term, but there are times in which concepts and ideas just echoes around you, keep bouncing. I’ve never been an extremely religious person, I’m considering myself mostly rational. But I admit that I “believe” in something outside our control.

How true is the “Faber est suae quisque fortunae”? Do we have a path, a destiny, which is written and inevitable? How much we can change from the original plan, if there’s any? And if it’s a choice, how do we find the “real” direction we are supposed to take?

Just all around, we have a million of movies, books and songs which are entirely built on this question. The first references I’m thinking of in terms of movies that I saw again recently would be for “Interstate 60“or “The Adjustment Bureau“, that have this idea of inevitability: what is meant to happen, will happen at some point. Or a movie like “Sliding Doors“, which is probably an even closer example of this marbles effect. How about the series made by Glenn Cooper, “The Library of Dead”, reporting on its books the date of birth and death of everyone from now till the future?

And finally… Why do we let ourselves feel so stuck, sometimes, and we just not learn to let it flow? Or just not follow what we feel it’s our path, and see what we meet on its way?