Back to Poland, 3 years later. Living abroad.

Three years ago today, I was thrilled. About to have a HUGE change in my routine and start my life in Poland, which pretty much was building the current version of Myself (2.0? Hopefully more advanced).

For me, living abroad has always been something magical. On one side, no matter what, but you end up completely changed. Rivoltato come un guanto, we would say in Italian. It’s just like if you started living your life 2x faster, you learn a lot, you see everything around you for the first time, you learn.

Consequences? On one side, you’re fucked up. Like, forever. At least personally, I find tremendously difficult to get back to my “previous” life. Home is not home anymore, sorry dude. It carries memories, people you love are living there: you just don’t fit there thou. The most used excuse in the history of relationship – It’s not you, it’s me (but hey, here’s for REAL! No hard feelings, please!).

And if you are in a country on which you do not understand most of the things people talk about due to the language, it’s oddly relaxing. It sounds extremely stupid – it is, basically. But it’s really relieving. I mean, I got back to Italy for those two months: BOOM. The politics. Economy. Social issues. Add you favorite. Too much of everything. Information is central to make a person aware of their choices, we all agree on this. But sometimes, I find a bit more of a use to be able to see my country from abroad, unfiltered, and in that sense being in Poland help me on this.

This was not going to be a very deep article – I think I was already explaining enough about how I feel about this place here. So… Just new angles for you today:

 New angles in town.. the natural light


‘Cause we want everything. Beach, Sand, Snow.
‘Cause we want everything. Beach, Sand, Snow. (Part II)
 Real light vs Fantasy