Last weekend in Italy, a walk to Sacra di San Michele


The day arrived: my last week in Torino, once again, and then back to Gdansk, Poland, waiting for the next step. Therefore, the decision to make something different – apart from partying: going to visit somewhere!

The two candidates were Sacra di San Michele or the ghost town of Leri Cavour : after a little pool between the participants (democracy, baby!), we decided for the first one. To be honest, we probably weren’t ready for the walk – especially after a Friday night of partying. Somehow we managed to reach the top thou, and enjoy the view over there, which was… this:


We didn’t proceed on the visit inside the building, so we had a good time just going around, blessed by an amazing weather (20 C during the last weekend of October, completely unexpected). But also from the outside, the Abbey which was inspiring “The Name of the Rose” looks impressive:



According to the official information, the date in which the Abbey was built between 983 and 987 and it’s dedicated to the Archangel Michael, the statue is visible in this picture:


In conclusion, the place is definitely worth a visit – and it’s on a really short distance from Torino, by car. The next update will be back from Poland… See you there!