Sofia? It’s Rock!

And as planned, I finally had my trip to Sofia, Bulgaria, five years after a very rapid tour of the city. This time, we had 3 full days to explore, enough to have a first glimpse of the city and to perceive the air around: Hey, it’s Rock!

Here’s the (chronological) list of the rocking elements in our (LP, Andrea, Andy) opinion:

1 – THE PORTIONS: After the first looming traveling part (Turin > Milan > Sofia T2 > Sofia T1 > Metro > Walk), we started with lunch… and WELL. The first thing to know: portions. Those. Are. HUGE.
Let’s skip the fact I wasn’t at my best, but usually, I’m not the kind of person you’ve to pray in order to eat something. My stomach is generally more than happy to give it’s contribution to the cause.

But portions in Bulgaria, at least for all the (4) Italians I’ve been there with, are ENORMOUS. Like, generally the smaller is about 350-400 grams. And super cheap, if you land with euro currency. PARADISE. This is the examples we have on Numbeo‘s page – which I would say, quite trustworthy in this case:


Special mention to Happy, which became our favorite eating spot – even if for different reasons. 🙂

2 – ROCK CLUBS: Once upon a time, Turin had two amazing rock clubs: Transilvania and Faster. The first one was (mostly) a pub, in a horror-vampire style (coffin, skulls and fake spider webs all around). Downstairs it was still a pub, but at some point of the night, people would just start dancing on tables. Faster was another history: a HUGE club that had 3 rooms, each one with a different kind of (Rock) music. The main room had pretty much all kind of rotation, Bon Jovi, Guns’n’Roses, Manson, Rammstein; the second room had EBM, Electronic music, darkwave; the third one Metal. Now… Zero. They both close, and as far as I know, as I’m not here so much anymore, nothing took the place.


Well, this is one of the places in which our friends in Sofia led us: RockIT !  And while this one was the closest to Transilvania, the other in which we been was definitely like Faster, but with Karaoke as well: Rock’n’Rolla! I’ll probably never thanks enough our friends there, as they were basically always backing us up on planning and on suggestions about where to go, and those places definitely deserved a mention. Didn’t have that kind of fun in a while, and even half sick, I was able to revitalize myself enough to enjoy the nights.

Side note: “Can I have a paper to sign for a song?” “Yes, but you have to order one drink for each song”.

3 – CITY TOUR: Did I mention our friends were always there? 😉 Again, we were able to see and understand a lot of what was around, from the churches to the Parliament, passing from the Library and the Theater (which was one of my favorite spots):


But this was not everything. On Sunday we went on a different kind of city tour – basically, going around randomly, hoping to not get TOO lost. And we discovered a very different soul of the city: in the same neighborhood, there are a Mosque, a Synagogue, a Christian Church and a Protestant Church. All walking distance, standing nearly one in front of the other: it’s the Square of Tolerance. Amazing, considering the historical period in which we’re living.


 4 – Special remark: “Good afternoon, can I ask you something?”
“You can ask me everything”
“……bottle. No.” *laughing sounds in the background*

In conclusion, our trip to Sofia was really cool, and we were always able to find a different place to go or see. Our guides were amazing, Nina, Zhivko, Ani, Tania… Thanks!! 🙂

On my side, I’m still thinking whether it would be my next destination “to live for a while”, or if I’ll still take a different turn. Keep tuned! 😉

PS: Please – be careful if you go to fly to Eindhoven.