Wake me up when Sept…err… October, 10th?

Yes, once again – I failed on the regular update of the blog.

But to be honest, very close to nothing happened in last month and a half in Torino. Or better, everything is only happening now.

One week after moving here, what happened is that both my parents’ car decided to broke. Meaning, until last week, I was without any other vehicle apart from my foot and the bus. Which are not bad to move around, but definitely not enough to more ambitious tasks.

But here’s what happened:

  • Going around with my ex-temporary-flatmate for India which had the idea of asking me “Can you show me the city?” – 10 km walking.
  • Getting a nearly-weekly evening out / party / drinking session at Caffe Zelli, in Corso Vittorio
  • Ofc – meeting some new folks around the town

And this was my September. Nothing to be too exciting about. For once, October sounds WAY better.

First of all, one of this evening out led to convince two friends to join me to my Bulgarian Trip: 14-17 of October, SOFIA! Here we go!

And since last week I had the possibility to live with one of the closest person I have around at the moment, which lead me to find out A LOT of things to do during our days/evening/nights.

It started with a view from the top…




Followed by a day to the Sea (“Why would you go to the Sea in October? It’s soo bloody cold! …Not). By the way, for whoever who might wonder where this all is, it’s Spiaggia di Punta Crena, close to Finale Ligure.






Then, Luck decided to play a bit with the events, releasing me from my work on a scary Monday Morning. How? Take off Internet from a remote worker. That’s easy!

And the result was: Laghi di Avigliana! The tour around the both lakes goes mostly about the woods and only on small part close to a main road, so it’s mostly very nice and enjoyable.







As all good things ends (at least temporarily), she’s going back to Warsaw while I’ll be preparing to the Bulgarian trip.

Travel, Travel, Travel…

That’s the moral of the day. 🙂