A bit of confusion.

Being dedicated and committed to something – well, it has always been challenging to me. And that’s the same reason for which the blog had this HUGE stop, more than one month.

What happened then? Actually, a lot. Or not too much, according to the point of view.

First of all, it’s finally happening – I’m leaving Poland. And somehow, that was THE plan from the beginning. Start traveling, 2-3 months for each place, and let’s see what’s going on. The first 2 months and a half, it will be Torino: perfect stop, as I need to renew my passport.

…And what then? That’s the question.

First option: Asia/South America/Mexico. Like, if we have to do it, then better to do in the most explosive way ever, right? Basically, I’ve never been to Asia or South America, but I totally LOVED my staying in Mexico earlier, and that would be a great option to start with. Problem: the schedule. I might have a huge difference in working hours.

 Then ask me why I loved Mexico.

Problem: the schedule. I might have a huge difference in working hours. And well, that’s the most extreme option, which needs to be extra brave. 🙂 We will see.
* * *
Second option: Europe – somewhere around. Well, the soft start. Maybe Spain or places close to here to begin, and then keep an option to a more expensive country, like Finland (again), Norway or Sweden for a short period. Uhm.

Problem: Technically, not many. Just, I’m really tempted from a lot of places in which I already was. And that’s somehow not what I was willing to do if we’re talking about discovering. (PS: Missing picture. As my old hard disk went bananas).

* * *
Last and not least: Coming back to Poland. YES. I said it. I’ve lived in here for the last 3 years, and honestly, it is good. It feels good, it has a good (I hope!) effect on me, etc. And I like most of the people I know in here. Kudos. 🙂


Problem : Then, why the hell you get a remote job for? 🙂 And even if, where? Gdansk? Krakow? Or maybe Warsaw or Poznan, to stay somewhere new?

And that’s when we come to the current situation – two/three strategic CVs sent around. More “stability”, but definitely not less than a remote working setup. To conclude: Next stop? The center of the world! 😉