Dreams VS Reality.

I’ve been far away from here for long enough to forget my password. Nice start, indeed. So, two weeks from now I’ll be in Turku again, and it’s an amazing feeling.

But yeap, at the moment, the situation is that I’m kinda set on my remote working job, and at the same time exploring other ways.

How come?

Well, first of all, the taxes issue is still being quite confused to me, even if it is normal at the beginning. I was able to do everything but in a huge rush. And meanwhile I had two job interview, one for a fixed position and a very good amount of money (teasing… the kind of offer too-good-to-be-true!), and one for a position based in London, but with the possibility to work remotely. This second option, especially, would be what I was exactly searching for. And London, somehow, was always one of the city I somehow felt “part of”, in the meaning of “I can live here”.

What about the dream of traveling? Well, working remotely would “somehow” grant me this possibility, if I put together that, the holidays, and the fact that the company has a policy of “one month offshore” each year – which is another amazing thing. One month in which the whole company just go to another country, and work from there. Super!

I really hope I won’t give up on my dreams, this time.