Going and returning: Of Turku and other news.

I’ve finally recovered completely from last week sickness (whatever it was), that let me barely speaking for 4 days, which is interesting, considering I’ve to talk to work properly…

The updates of the week, starting from the worse:

  • My portable hard disk went bananas. Like, big time. Tick of death – and no troubleshooting so far was successful (SATA drive wasn’t apparently good enough, and the fact that is a powered unit make things more complicated). The last attempt: my hard disk is currently in the freezer.
    Also the video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3iBSqVe1Jg”Winter is coming”….

    Update: It quite didn’t work for me – it’s still on bananaland.

  • I missed like 3 hours of singing classes in 2 days. Perfect timing, once again.
  • I received another job offer, which sounds interesting and like a trap in the same time. Good salary, good location, and the possibility to travel – which well, is definitely what I’ve been always searching until two weeks ago. Meanwhile, I discovered that UpWork brings couples of major issues for us Europeans, in particular with the invoice system. So, I’m currently trying to find an alternative solution with the hiring company.
  • And the best for last: if nothing terrible happens, after 8 years, I’ll finally return to Turku for Vappu’s weekend (precisely, from 30th April to 2nd May). Turku was the city where I was in Erasmus, and pretty much the city where everything started. EVERYTHING. I went there because I wanted to prove myself out, and it was one of the best experience I could ever have. And for some other issue, the worse challenge ever. But everything claims its own price: the willing of travel, of changes, and the general instability on all other “closer” human interaction because there’s still something else to discover, a new place to see, a new friend to find. That’s a very strange feeling, and I really cannot wait to be there once again, and see those places and live that city. And – maybe – take it in consideration for the after Poland….

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For now, it’s all: nearly 1:30 am, seems fair to go to bed and wait for my frozen hard-disk test tomorrow.

Dobranoc! 🙂