5 things I’ve learned on the first week working remote

OK, ok. I fell into the trap of writing a “The N things list….”. Sorry, I know it’s an easy one.

But still, at this point of the week/blog, I think it’s a good way to check what’s the current situation – and also to keep on my training for the customer without losing too much time, as I’m still attending those).

SO, here we are with the list:

1. The rise of the coffee addiction

PHOTO_20160314_111529 (2)

Back on 2007, this Moka was the first (and only) thing that enter my bag to start a 6 months Erasmus program in Finland, until the day before leaving. The only FUNDAMENTAL thing, so yeah, it’s quite possible that my love for coffee started before.

This said, since last week, I used to have my coffee break with the machine at work, which was, well, decent. Now that I’m home, I noticed the alarming phenomena for which 1 package of coffee lasts 1 week, instead than one month. Sad news. 🙁

2. A lot of strangers are congratulating…. wat?


Since when I’m registered as a freelance, I have a lot of new “friends”. Bank directors, a representative from a mobile phone company, a couple of web agencies and marketing advisors that are happy that I start my own career (which is still not even published on LinkedIn), and write to me in case I need their assistance. Wait, WAT?

3. The faster scam attempt in history.

PHOTO_20160314_124138 (2)

One week after starting the whole documentation to work as a freelance, I received three mails at my virtual office location. Due to the training I was taking, I went to pick up the mails in the evening, around 18:30. Everything was written in Polish (make sense as we are in Poland, shame on me and on my lack of Polish language skills!), but with a very clear receipt at the end of the mail, one due on the 8th, two due the day after. Basically, 500 zl to pay and one of the payment bulletin already expired. GREAT.

The morning after I wrote to my accountant, which pretty much reply to not pay ANYTHING, as it was just a scam. Everything was looking so official, though, that I wanted to double check:

– CEODG scam
CrFiDg scam
CeFiDg scam

Accountant: +10 pts. 🙂

4. Tech happen.


Ok, in this case, the image is not EXACTLY what happened, but it gives a good idea.

During the first week, once we had a massive interruption on the VPN from my customer side, and another time the freelance portal tracker decided to go bananas for the last 1,5 hours of work. Luckily, it was easy enough to contact the HR to clarify what to do in this cases. Well… tech happen!

5. …and all the broken resolution.


That’s the bad part, so far. At the beginning, the idea was pretty much to get AT LEAST 1 hour per day of useful time, aka – go out and walk / study something / train some skills which might be good for work / write on the blog.

And yes, I’m not quite there. At least, not every day. But it’s just the first week, there’s time to improve!