Ignition: a brand new start in the Freelance World

I am really doing it, this time.

A brand new start, following dreams after some comfortable and not bad years in corporation-office life.

The current situation: I’m Matteo, born in Turin, Italy, 31-some-years ago. I’m living in Poland since 2013, where I headed thanks to a job offer I decided to take, in the moment in which ANOTHER one of my passions (Music) gave me a huge delusion. The B-Plan was traveling, experience a new life in a new country and make new experiences – with the hope I would, one day, be able to make a job out of it.

Tomorrow is that day. After a quite long recruitment project, followed by the purchase of a new computer, tomorrow I will start my own company and work remotely, or “from anywhere there will be a good internet connection and a quiet room/office”.

OK. I’m quite scared, honestly. And the whole “deal-with-your-own-taxes” story, well, I never ever expected to actually DO it, one day. Biggest fear, of course, to ends up somewhere with no savings and hopeless:

   “Smart choice, wasn’t it?”

Anyways: There’s no better moment than now for what I want do to with myself. The longer the wait, the bigger the challenge and the difficulties.

And as reported on this blog “motto”:


*Lorenzo de’ Medici, A song for Bacchus : “Who’d be happy, let him be so: Nothing’s sure about tomorrow.”